The Bear Den Forge Story

Unity - Charity - Growth - Humility - Integrity

Welcome to The Bear Den Forge! Founded in 2021 in Riverton, Utah, Giles “Bjorn” Sims began creating household items that will last a lifetime. Everything in the shop is made in the USA, and we strive to use US made materials to create the items that we sell. 

Bjorn grew up making things with his hands alongside his father. With encouragement from his wife, he began working with his favorite medium of metal and learning the art of blacksmithing to create The Bear Den Forge. His ancestors were Vikings, and by looking at the styles and gaining inspiration, he started making the items you see in the shop today! He studied the history, the culture and the way these artifacts were created, and designed creative modern twists to stand out and connect with the rest of your home. Preserving the items that intrigue and entice us while making them modern and useable in your everyday life is what Bjorn is all about! 

Bjorn has a strong passion for preserving the history and traditions of trades such as blacksmithing. Whenever possible, he finds ways to support other local artisan tradesmen that have the same values and traditions that he holds. 

The number one tenet that drives Bjorn in the shop is the quality of his creations. His dedication to quality means that no matter what you order, you will be satisfied with the way it was made, and if you aren’t, he will do everything he can to make sure that you leave the shop happier than you came. Everything that Bjorn makes is made with you in mind. He wants you to have something that you are proud to display in your home and your everyday life for generations to come. 

Everything that Bjorn does is for his family and his love of God. Bjorn is blessed with this talent from God to design and mold metal, and he wants to share that with you. His family, and especially his wife, are what drive him to keep working hard and produce the best quality products for you to enjoy.